Fishing with Robin boat
Captain Robin

Welcome to one of the Best Fishing grounds in the worlds: Fishing Southwest Florida!

I am Captain Robin, a Florida native who specializes in Charter Fishing, in the backwaters of:

  • Naples
  • Marco Island
  • Ten Thousand Islands
Captain Robin Dugan: USA000162352
Captain Robin Dugan: USA000162352


U.S.C..G. ( United States Coast Guard) Document Number is: USA000162352.  I am licensed & Insured.

“Certificate of Completion” in the Florida Master Naturalist Program from the University of Florida in the Coastal Systems and the Upland Habitats.

In addition to fishing charters, I offer tours to local Islands like Keewaydin.   Keewaydin Island is a primary barrier island located off the coast of Naples situated between Marco Island and Naples.

You can only get to this Island by boat.  A short 30 minute boat ride and once we there, we can go ashore to explore and look for shells while enjoying the beautiful sites nature has to offer.
Bet you see some dolphins along the way.  We can even go Dolphin searching and while there are no guarantees, my customers see them a majority of the time.



The term backwater means you are in the intercostal  waterways surrounded by mangroves and shallow bags and estuaries. I would like to invite you aboard my 22′ Shearwater Boat, powered by a 250HP Yamaha engine.  It holds up to 8 people, but only fishes 4 comfortably.   The boat is well equipped with 3 live wells and plenty of modern technology and equipment. We will be fishing for some of the most sought after saltwater species including:


Some other species that you will find in our waters and are equally fun to catch are:


So whether you are a beginner or seasoned angler, rest assured, you will not be disappointed.  You will catch fish and you will have a great experience.


Keywaden Beach
Keywaden Beach

In Southwest Florida fishing is like no other type of fishing, it’s unique and challenging to learn to cast your live bait, shrimp or lure preciously underneath the branches of the vast coverage of mangroves that are prevalent in our area. This is where that prized SNOOK or REDFISH may be hiding. You will get the hang of it after a few throws into the mangrove bushes. Whether, you throw overhand or sidearm, it is just part of the fun to learn to “place the bait” where that fish is going to be.


I can take you to the spots. SNOOK are typically lazy fish and with that big ole shovel like

Nice Grouper caught by some happy customers
Nice Grouper caught by some happy customers

mouth just like to lay up under that mangrove branch and sit and wait for “YOU” to deliver their meal. Then when, “YOU” do, expect a tremendous battle. Once, I have had a huge SNOOK take my lure and drag my line way across to another island and the fish proceeded to roll itself up onto the roots of the mangroves just to get off my hook! And it worked, I lost the fish. The saying goes, “they don’t get that big being stupid”! REDFISH on the other hand have a very keen sense of hearing and are easily startled. We have to be very quiet and sneak up on REDFISH. We typically use a trolling motor, to silently close in close enough to a island to cast in for REDFISH. Also, REDFISH are tide and moon sensitive. Full moon is best and the hour window before high or low tide is ideal conditions when fishing for REDFISH. Yes, we are very fortunate to have an abundance of great and fun fish just waiting to be caught here in Naples and the surrounding areas.


I also specialize in island shelling, birding and dolphin watching for those who would rather take in the beautiful calm water  and light Gulf breezes and I can take you to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world to do just that! Feel free to explore through my gallery as we also cater to the smallest fishing enthusiast! Call me today!  Let’s go fishing, weather permitting that is!

For more details or for booking information email us at or call 239-272-9230

Capt’n Robin

Naples, FL 34102