Image of fish for Fishing with Robin
Captain Robin with a large Black Drummond

I am a third generation Floridian, born and raised on Tampa Bay where I learned the pleasures of fishing with my father, mother and brother. My father was a land developer which moved the family to Crystal River, Florida where at the young as of 14, I got my first boat. That is where and when I got hooked on boating and fishing. I spent everyday one way or the other in that boat, either fishing, water sking or going to and from my tennis practice after school. My brother and I would dive offshore in my father’s Pro-Line boat.

After school, I spent years living in New Jersey and working as an engineer at numerous Nuclear Power Plants around the country. Then I moved into engineering at pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Singapore. On the weekends during the fishing season, May through November, we would spend our time out 150 miles offshore either in the Hudson Canyon or Delaware Canyon catching 80 – 150 lb. Yellow Tail Tuna, 400-500 lb. Big Eye Tuna, 200 lb. Swordfish. We also caught plenty of Strip Bass and an array of Sharks, Hammerheads, Makos, and Blues.

We often came home with the winning prize monies and trophy for these fish!

I moved back to Florida in 2002 and got my Captain’s license to continue the pleasures of fishing and boating.